My Running Thing

Runners don’t care about top olympic runners, that cap is to big for the everyday runners. "My Running Thing" is based on real insights by the everyday running community. We traveled all around the world to the biggest ruinning events and interviewed and filmed thousands of everyday runners. With thier stories became the foundation for this work. 


A online running channel containing over 1000 films from real runners, sharing their experiences and insights to other runners was created. 


Quotes from the people we interviewed were turned into headlines in the global print campaign

Unique stories specially based on insights from runners that ran the race were released to this year's races. 

In total the campainged housed over 60 unique print and outdoor ads. 

Films were turned into TV commercials and pre-rolls.

Installations was created at marathons around the world to let runners to be part of the campaign. Here they could write down their on stories from the races minutes after finishing. Outdoor print was also placed all over the cities to inspire people.


My Role
Senior Creative Art Director