For their first campaign, home design brand CB2 wanted to spread brand love further than it had ever had, with a huge social media idea that would get the design committee talking. So we headed to Pinterest, a hub for design inspiration, to create the world’s first-ever crowd-designed apartment: APT CB2.


Over five days with the help of five popular Pinterest designers, people decorated five rooms through Pinterest.


People voted in real time on CB2 products to go into a NYC apartment. Every hour a new piece was placed.

The event was broadcast live to the world through a interactive experince connect to Pinterest.

People from all 50 states came together to design APT CB2.

My Role
Creative Director

Team Mother New York
Michael Ian Kaye, Daniel Carlsson, Mark Aver, Matthew Wenger, Adrien Colombié, Kelly Diaz, Matias Menendez, Dan Smith, Alexander Venndt, Jacky Tran, Sosia Bert, Dewi Billano, Silvia Sitar

Production Partner