Electric Pirate Radio

Normally album launches consist of “influencers” mingling with media while the album plays on repeat. And who actually wants to go to that? So we made an experience people wanted to be a part of. We launched Electric Pirate Radio – A world wide radio station run by Janelle and her crew headquartered on a boat in NYC’s Hudson River. During the 12 hour broadcast, tickets for the listening party was dropped, and a scavenger hunt through New York started. 


On September 9th,  Janelle and her crew set sail on the Hudson river and started broadcasting over the internet. 

The radio station broadcast live online for 12 hours of music, interviews, live fans talks and invites to the album launch live performance  the same night. 


Everything was broadcast on a site with real time gps locations on the boat and the and "Electric Ladys" and the live radio and social feeds. 


All you need to do was to find one of the "Electric Ladys" somewhere in streets of New York to get tickets for the premier show with special guest appearance.


At 10:00 PM the boat docked at pier 52 where all winners and VIPS was waiting. From the boat Janelle Monáe gave a magical performed with guest like P.Diddy, Big Boi and Erykah Badu of the new album.