adidas - 2010 World Cup​
Every Team Needs...

The task for the 2010 World Cup was to create a platform for adidas to show that the brand that understands the importance of the team is the key to every success in football, but to go deeper. What are the different talents that make a football team a great football team? 

The idea was the story of a journey towards the 2010 World Cup. Football legend and mastermind Zinedine Zidane would travel the globe to find the world's best players. Told in the style of a graphic novel, each chapter of his journey would highlight another player and his special talent. Some players were introduced in a TV Spot, others in print, online, in a computer game or a classic graphic novel.

In first chapter Zinedine Zidane went to find the "The Spark'


The story continue with the chapter 2, 3 and 4. 


The ads took over bus stations, big outdoor and in stores giving people something exciting on their daily commutes.

My Role
Senior Creative Art Director

Creative Team 180 Amsterdam
 Andy Fackrell,  Daniel Carlsson, Peter Albores , Martin Terhart, Benjamin Bartels

Gary Land