Zaha Hadid

Sell something that doesn’t exist. That was the ask from real estate developer Related Companies in relation to their commission of visionary architect Zaha Hadid’s first permanent building in New York, 520 West 28th a sculpture in the New York skyline.

To show the unique shapes we let the light move over the a papper sculpture of the building to illustrate how the light from the sun moves over the building during a day and displays the unique form.

The website needed to be the main selling tool, we wanted Zaha Hadid’s architecture to be in the center of the experience. 


The full site let beautiful renderings and imagery speak for themselves.


My Role
Digital Creative Director

Team Mother New York
Michael Ian Kaye, Christian Cervantes, Jules Tardy, Daniel Carlsson, 
Marisa Aveling , Sosia Bert, Katie Nickles, Amy Becker

Production Partner
Stink Digital